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A Break

Hi guys,

Recently I haven't been as active as I would like to be with this blog. I've been posting, but not engaging fully. There a multiple reasons for this.

The main reason is my main priority at the moment is passing my a-levels. I have my exams starting next month (eeek) and I need to dedicate so much time to revising, unfortunately. I still love blogging with my entire heart, but for my mental wellbeing it is going to have to be put to one side for a couple of months. 

I've got plenty of posts scheduled for the summer which I cannot wait to share, but until then, I'll be busy revising!

See you soon.
-Charlotte x

Amsterdam - January 2019

To kick off 2019 my boyfriend and I went to Amsterdam for three nights. Amsterdam is a place that has been high up on my travel bucket list for a long time (ever since seeing The Fault In Our Stars)
and I am so happy that I've finally been. Despite having a sinus infection (I always get ill at the most inconvenient times), I had a great time and cannot wait to go back!
I've previously done two other photo diarys of my trip to Brighton and Blackpool last year, and I enjoyed creating them so much... so here's another!

I immediately fell in love with my surroundings. The canal, the bikes, the houses created such a warm atmosphere. 

We went into a sex museum - it was very interesting to see how sex has changed and developed through the ages and what hasn't changed at all!!

We found a Dunkin Donuts (thank you, Google Maps), and so of course I bought quite a few.

I absolutely loved the Banksy museum (my boyfriend... not so much) - I could have spent hours in there! I also spent way too much money in the shop afterwards...

Prague - March 2019

Prague is somewhere I had never planned to go, but when I was invited for my friends birthday last July, of course I said yes! It was even better than I could have imagined; the buildings were beautiful, the sights were incredible and I had so much fun. When I was in Prague I felt so so happy, and it was a reminder of how much I want to travel.

This post is a compilation of some of the photos I took out there. I took my DSLR camera and was the designated photographer of the trip, which I loved haha.
So, in no particular order, here are some of my favourite photos from the trip...

The excitement I felt when I saw these bubbles in the Old Town Square...

taken my by friend Daisy

cocktails in the bar Down The Rabbit Hole

This photo definitely sums me up... the typical tourist haha!

The John Lennon Wall.. of course, each of us had our own photoshoot...

The 90-minute scooter tour we went on was so much fun (although slightly scary considering I'm so clumsy)

We found these locks that people could attach to the bars and found it super cute.

An actual candid for once...

All of the buildings were so unique and beautiful.

What I've Been Watching & Listening To Recently #1

Recently I've been finding any time I can in between a-levels, work and a decent sleep pattern to watch more on Netflix and listen to more music. This post will be everything I've been loving over the past few months!

Billie Eilish 
I often heard people talking about Billie but never understood the hype. Well, it's safe to say I do now! Her songs fall into the alternative genre and each one is so different. I love her lyrics and being an English Literature student, I can't help but analyse the meaning behind every song!
Favourites: Bury A Friend & idontwannabeyouanymore

Sam Smith
Recently Sam Smith has been bringing out songs that are upbeat compared to some of his slower songs, and I love it! His voice is just beautiful. Also, the music video for Fire On Fire makes me very very emotional!
Favourites: Look What You Made Me Do, Promises & Fire On Fire  

Little Mix
Of course Little Mix had to be on here! I've been a fan of these for years and would love to see them in concert again. Their new album, LM5, is probably my favourite album of theirs.
Favourites: Wasabi, Joan Of Arc & Told You So

Sex Education
This was very recently released on Netflix, and if you haven't seen it or at least heard of it, where have you been? This series is brilliant; not only is it hilarious, but it teaches important lessons about sex (and other things - mental health, family issues etc) too which I think is so good for teenagers starting to learn about it. Although there is currently only one season, there are rumours of a second season so fingers crossed!

Bandersnatch (Black Mirror)
This episode of Black Mirror was spoken about everywhere, in particular on Twitter. Bandersnatch is an interactive programme, where the viewer chooses options for the characters! I loved watching this and the interactive element - and the message behind it (do we really have control..?)

This programme was released in January on Channel 4. It's based on Rose Cartwright's book 'Pure', and it's about a girl called Marnie living with Pure OCD, a form of OCD that not many people are aware of. I have never, ever, been more grateful for a programme. I haven't spoken about my mental health in too much detail on this blog yet, but I could relate to so much of what Marnie was going through and I'm so relieved there is finally an accurate representation of what OCD is truly like.If I could recommend one thing to watch this year it would be this, 100%!


I love reading these types of posts and discovering new things to listen to and to watch, and writing this post was very enjoyable! Comment down below your favourite programmes/music at the moment and let's help each other discover new things.
See you soon!
- Charlotte x

Looking After Our Mental And Physical Health

Our brains and body work together, so looking after both is equally as important; however, it is so so easy to just focus on one and forget about the other. It seems in most cases our mental health is the one that gets left behind, which is why I'm making a conscious effort to look after both - especially during the cold winter months.

photo taken in Brighton

When we are in a good place mentally, we are more likely to eat better, exercise more and take care of our body. This makes us healthier physically, and when we feel physically healthy, we feel even better mentally. They both work together!

Ways to look after your physical health:

- Exercise Regularly
I don't mean go to the gym 5x a week (I definitely don't have the time or energy to do that!). You can exercise by going on a run around your local park, a walk, or a small home workout. Or you could join a club, such as dance or football, and go to fitness classes in your local area. This is a great way to not only look after your physical health, but also socialise and meet new people. Win-win!

- Drink Plenty Of Water
Drinking water and staying hydrated has so many benefits - one being it helps keep your skin clear! If you find water too boring, you can add flavour by adding cucumber, strawberries or any other fruit or vegetables; doing so will provide a great de-toxic drink. There are also plenty of healthy alternatives such as smoothies, orange juice and so on.

- Eat Well
Moderation is key. Balancing out the good foods and the bad foods is so important. Eat vegetables, fruits, but also the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and sugars! Avoiding takeaway is a plus, but it is more than okay to treat yourself every so often (Dominos pizza is definitely my weak spot - especially 2 For Tuesdays!)

- Sleep!!
Often the one we forget about, but one that is so important for our overall wellbeing. Sleeping helps us re-energise, so don't stay up until 3 am finishing off your coursework - get to bed early and do it in the morning instead.

Ways to look after your mental health:

(A lot of the tips above will also apply to your mental health)

- Don't Overwork Yourself

I'm guilty of this, and is something I'm trying to stop doing. It is ok to rest, have breaks and just chill out. You don't have to be productive every second of the day. Give your mind some time too.

- Have Social Media Breaks

I've spoken about this in more detail in this post. Social media can do more harm than good when it comes to our mental health, so taking breaks can really help. 

- Do Something You Love

Whether it's painting, drawing, football, running, writing - do something that makes you truly happy and relaxed.

- Learn The Balance

It can be stressful balancing work, fitness, friends and every other thing in our lives, so learning how to manage it all makes everything a lot easier. 


Do you have anything else to add?
-Charlotte x

Revolution Conceal & Define - First Impressions

Last weekend I finally got my hands on the Revolution Conceal & Define concealer and after hearing so many great things about it for months I was so excited to try it out. The question on my mind was is it worth the hype? So here are my first impressions.

The first aspect I loved was the thick applicator - it makes it so easy to cover larger areas such as under the eyes. The only downside is if I'm only trying to cover a tiny spot it's a little too big, but in this case I just use the very end of the applicator.

I've been on the hunt for a full coverage concealer for so long, and I've never found one. However, my search is finally over! This concealer has a creamy consistency and is completely full coverage, even for the spots I've been unsuccessful with covering these past few months! My skin hasn't been at it's best recently, but I can wear this concealer alone and it looks just as good as foundation.

I bought this in the shade C3 and it's the perfect match for this time of year as I'm quite pale (summer tan, I miss you), and I was pleasantly surprised at the range of skin tones available! It's priced at just £4 which I think is incredible considering the quality and the fact that I usually spend around £7 for a concealer. Also, the packaging is beautiful - I mean, it's rose gold!


Is it worth the hype?

My answer is yes! I know I will buy this again once I've ran out. The quality is brilliant and I really do think Makeup Revolution are stepping their game up.

Have you tried this concealer?
See you next week!
- Charlotte x