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Netflix Comedies To Watch

Hi guys,
Recently I've discovered new comedy shows and re-watched slightly older ones and I just have to share them with you! With the nights drawing in and the weather growing colder, this time of year is perfect to sit in bed with a hot chocolate and Netflix. 
Comedies are my favourites to watch because, well, who doesn't like to have a laugh? Here are a few I would 100% recommend...

Ricky Gervais - Humanity

Ricky Gervais is just brilliant - I loved him in Extras, The Office - and his stand up show Humanity is just as funny, if not funnier. Some may find him offensive, but the ironic thing is that the main thing he talks about is offence and how our society nowadays gets offended very easily. I found it hilarious, and everything he said was so true. He talks about dark topics such as rape, paedophilia and death, but in a way that made even me laugh (I do not have a dark sense of humour at all) and was cleverly written. I've already watched this three times!

Daniel Sloss - Dark & Jigsaw

I can't remember which youtuber/blogger recommended this, but whoever it was, thank you!
Daniel Sloss is a Scottish comedian who I had never heard of until I watched these two shows... all I can say is, why hadn't I heard of him before?! He is so so so funny (I mean, obviously - I wouldn't recommend him if he wasn't) and his shows both have a meaning behind them. They made me laugh but also made me think deeply about... well, life in general. Jigsaw in particular was an eye-opener, with the main topic being relationships. 

Russel Howard - Recalibrate

I love Russel Howard, and his stand-up show made me love him even more. In Recalibrate he discusses the issues with our society, and personal experiences that are brilliant. His personality is brilliant and really shine through when he delivers the performance.

Iliza Shlesinger - Confirmed Kills

Before Iliza I had never watched a female comedian, but I am so glad I watched Confirmed Kills! Her show is mainly focused around sexism, body positivity and hilarious drunk stories. I found that she was so empowering for women and it is definitely something we need more of. She also has three other shows on Netflix which I will be watching very soon!!

Jack Whitehall - At Large

I loved this show, purely because Jack is not afraid of sharing his hilariously embarrassing stories with the public. I think it's so important to be reminded that when embarrassing things happen to us, we should just laugh at ourselves. Love, love, love!


Have you got any more recommendations?! Share in the comments!!
-Charlotte x

Fall Tag

Hey guys!
First of all I'd like to say a massive thank you to the fabulous Emm who tagged me in this - go check out her blog!

The Rules

1. Thank the person who tagged you and link their blog
2. Answer all the questions
3. Tag 5 bloggers to do this tag


1. What is one candle you MUST light every fall?
I love anything with a sweet scent - vanilla candles are my favourite!

2. When you think of fall, what does it remind you of?
Oversized jumpers, scarves, and colourful leaves.

3. What is your all time favourite fall/halloween movie?
I don't really have one to be honest! I love watching romances though - Love, Rosie is my favourite
(comment down below with any good fall/halloween movies please!!)

4. What halloween costume do you have in mind?
A cat (I'm a cat every single year) - although I do want to switch it up a little, so maybe ... a mouse? I'm joking, I'm joking - I'd like to be something Disney related.

5. What is your favourite fall trend?
The colours - oranges, yellows, greys and burgundy. I love styling them especially.

6. When you think of fall, what drink comes to mind?
Hot chocolate, my favourite!

7. What is your go to fall beauty product? A must have!
I love a red lipstick - I also like to have LUSH bath bombs, my favourite being Dragon's Egg.

8. Do you prefer apple pie or pumpkin pie?
Okay so I've never tried either... I might have tried apple pie but I don't remember the taste. I'll have to try them out at some point!

9. Do you have any fall traditions? If so tell us about it!
I used to collect conkers with my family every year which I enjoyed so much. Me and my family go to Blackpool every October to see the lights and go to the pleasure beach - definitely a highlight every year!

10. The moment of truth, is fall your favourite season?
You know what, I'm not sure I have a favourite season! I love them all for different reasons, so I can't actually chose.


I tag...

1. Bailey (baileyleah.com)
2. Laura (picturethepositive.com)
3. Jess (foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com)
4. Kim (chimmyville.co.uk)
5. Meggan (cardiganjezebel.com)

Apologies if you've already been tagged! Everyone go and check out their blogs :)

Thank you for reading, I hope you've enjoyed!
What is your favourite thing about fall?
- Charlotte x

Stigma and Stereotypes - World Mental Health Day 2018

It's the 10th of October - World Mental Health Day.
Mental health is a topic I'm passionate about and want to raise awareness for - back in August I spoke about Social Media & Our Mental Health, so today I'm going to be discussing another issue that is common - stereotypes.

Recently I've heard these phrases very often - in real life and on social media...

'I have to keep my room tidy, I'm so OCD'

'My mood swings are awful, my partner says I'm very bipolar'

'I'm so depressed, my mum said we can't have takeaway tonight'


I'm sure everyone reading this post will have heard people say these things, or something similar. Sometimes they're even said with a smile or a laugh, but the thing is - they're not funny.

Mental illnesses are very much stigmatised still; maybe not as much as they used to be, but it's still there whether we like it or not. The only way we can change that, is by breaking the stigma. A way we can do that is stopping the stereotypes, and the way we can do that is by educating others, which is why I am writing this post.

Mental health is something close to my heart, and so when I hear people say this, especially when it's a family member or a close friend, it frustrates me so much... because it takes away the severity of the disorders/illnesses, it belittles those living with them and it is passing on incorrect information.

A prime example is Obssessive Compulsive Disorder. Many people, thanks to the media, are under the assumption that OCD is to do with perfectionism/cleanliness (I mean, I think it's pretty normal to want to leave in clean conditions!). Not many people know that OCD is actually where someone has repetitive, intrusive thoughts that cause severe anxiety (obsessions) and the only way they can stop them is by performing rituals (compulsions), leaving them trapped in a never ending cycle. This isn't the only example; there are plenty more.

These illnesses are scary and make people feel alone and sometimes confused. There isn't always a reason for depression, anxiety etc... the brain is confusing, and we are still trying to figure it out.

If we stop the stereotyping, the casual comments, the stigma will -hopefully- get smaller. Of course it won't disappear overnight - it will take a long time, but small steps like this is what will lead to change.


Thank you for reading - please feel free to comment down below your thoughts.
-Charlotte x

A Love/Hate Relationship With Change

Ahh, change. Something I love and hate at the same time. Bittersweet. Inevitable, all the same.

Why do I hate it?

Let's be honest, change is often scary.
Change isn't always good, it can be bad and unexpected, like a family member passing away or having to move away from home. This type of change is even harder, because there's often no time for preparation.
In general, it's also easy (and nice) to stay comfortable - getting used to new environments, people and situations can be challenging.
 Going for that new job or going to that social gathering can seem really daunting and something you dread.
But on the other hand...

...Why do I love it?

Without change, life would be so boring. Imagine life just staying the same for years on end.
I love meeting new people, having new experiences and travelling to different places. I love looking back at how my life has changed for the better, and looking for ways in which I can improve it.

I'm happy that I can look back at myself and know that for the most part, I've changed (and I don't mean glowing up appearance wise haha) - personality wise. I know I'm stronger now, and most of that is down to the bad changes that forced me to stay strong. So at the time they may seem horrific, but often you will come out on top.


Just remember: 'Success is on the other side of your comfort zone' :)

What are your thoughts on change?
- Charlotte x

6 Money Saving Tips

Hey guys!
Since earning my own money I have definitely realised the value of it and the work that goes behind it. Today I'm going to share 6 tips with you for saving money that have helped me.

Savings Account
This may seem like the obvious way to save money, but I didn't realise how helpful having a savings account would be until I actually got one. Every month I put a certain amount of money in there; watching it build up over time is so satisfying and motivates me to keep saving - plus, they're super easy to set up.

Smash Pot
I bought a smash pot last October and still haven't smashed it open (can you believe it?!). A smash pot is basically a money box without a lid, so once you put money in there, you can't get it out until you smash it. I put a mixture of £1, £2 and notes in there and I will smash it when it's almost full up. This is a great way of saving money because you can't get the money out or spend it until you actually need it for the thing you're saving up for. There is a wide range of smash pots available, so buying a pretty one will make you less tempted to smash it early because it looks so good!

This is mine...

Money Box
This is similar to the smash pot, but I use my money box for any spare change I have. Over time this change builds up and I will end up having £10 or so to spend. I usually save this money for times like Christmas when I know I will need a extra cash. Remember, every penny counts!

Planning ahead for the month has helped me a lot. If I'm going shopping, for example, and I know I will want to buy a lot of stuff when I'm there, I'll set myself a budget of something like £40 and won't allow myself to go over. Also, when I go out I've started to take cash instead of my card so I have a limit on how much I can spend that day.

Only buy necessary (!!!) items
Necessary is the key word here. This is easy in theory, but hard in practise for me and I'm sure many of you can relate. Recently I've made a list of things I'm not allowed to buy until I've used my remaining ones up (sprays, notebooks, moisturisers, etc) and as a general rule I'm not going to buy a new item unless I desperately need it (or I occasionally want to treat myself)

UniDays and Loyalty Cards 
If you're a student like me, UniDays is an app I would recommend. It gives you discounts in a variety of shops which is very helpful for saving money. Loyalty cards are helpful, because once your points add up you can buy things with them.

When saving up for something, just keep in mind what the outcome will be and how all the sacrifices will be worth it.

Have you got any other tips?
- Charlotte x

Recognising An Unhealthy/Toxic Friendship

Friendships are so important in life - it is said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Our friends are most likely to be up there on the list, which is why we should choose carefully who we spend our time with.

We hear about unhealthy and toxic relationships all the time, but what about friendships? Friendships can be unhealthy, however it isn't spoken about enough. I have had a fair share of friendships that were toxic, but often I didn't realise that they were until we weren't friends anymore. Unfortunately, I've also seen people close to me in toxic friendships. This is why I think it's so important to speak about this topic, because bad friendships can have a very negative impact on your mental health, sometimes without you realising.

Signs that a friendship is unhealthy:

 - they belittle you and embarrass you in front of others
- they are controlling
- they are passive aggressive
- they constantly push boundaries
- they talk about you in a negative way
- they lie
- you feel you need their approval for anything (such as clothing choices)
- they spread your business
- they take, take, take... but never give

Signs that a friendship is healthy:

- they support you and lift you up
- they are honest with you, but not rude
- they respect your decisions
- they listen to you
- you can be yourself around them without fear of judgement

Although these may seem fairly obvious, it is so easy to ignore red flags and brush them aside.
If you've recognised any unhealthy signs in one of your friendships, or even a friendship group, you may be wondering, but how do I get out? How do I just leave a friendship?

Good question - it is so much easier said than done just to 'leave a friendship'. Here are a few tips on what to do:

- Be honest and upfront about how you feel.
Tell them what is upsetting you, and why. If they are a good friend, they should listen and do something about it. If they continue doing these things knowing they upset you, then that in itself shows that they are not worthy of your time.

- Distance yourself
Slowly distancing yourself subtly until you are no longer friends or as close is usually effective. Ways you can do this are not being the first one to contact them, spending less time with them in person, and not meeting up with them so frequently.

- Make new friends
If you are at school with the friend(s), it can be so hard to cut them off. In this case, making new friends is a great idea!


I hope this post helped anyone, even if it's just one person, who feels trapped in an unhealthy and toxic friendship.
Remember your worth! :)

What are your experiences with bad friendships?
- Charlotte x